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Council for Foreign Education in Russia (CFER) welcomes foreign students to study dual degree programs in Russia with highly internationalized reputed Russian Universities. We especially invite students from Botswana, Congo, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil and other Latin American countries whose growing economies need global knowledge and expertise. Exposure while studying in Russia during the 1st year and in the EU/UK/USA for the 2nd year will greatly enhance the students' vision of the business and education world and aid him/her in their career moving forward. Going back to their native countries after their two/three years academic stint will give them a rare advantage in this fast moving interconnected age.

Master in International Business

IELTS/TOEFL required – 6.5 & above.

Option to earn dual Masters Degrees with

  • Tufts University
  • University of Parma, Italy
  • University of Luxembourg
  • University of South Carolina, USA
  • LUISS University

Double Degree Master Program «Corporate Governance and Global Network Diplomacy» with HEC Paris

  • The results of IELTS (at least 7,5)
  • The results of GMAT ( Graduate Management Admission Test)
  • The transcript and certificate of Bachelor studies

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Council for Foreign Education in Russia (CFER) welcomes African, Asian, Latin American and Arabic students to study Project Management in elite and excellent Russian Universities in Moscow. CFER will help you choose the ideal course with its decades of experience in Russian curriculum, University knowledge matching it with the foreign students' desires, career goals and budgetary constraints.

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Council for Foreign Education in Russia (CFER) welcomes foreign students to study Petroleum Engineering with experienced Professors in reputed Russian Universities.  A degree in Petroleum Engineering will enable you to be employable with world famous companies, such as Exxon Mobil, GAZPROM, RosNeft, British Petroleum, Shell, etc. With  CFER's unique expertise over the years, students will be able to take maximum advantage and leverage it during their academic stay and for their future career.

The Petroleum Engineering programs fortify scientists and engineers to create novel technological solutions for enhancing recovery of the existing hydrocarbon sources (secondary and tertiary recovery methods) and developing new methods for recovering unconventional hydrocarbon reserves (tight oils, heavy oils, bituminous sands, oil shale, gas hydrates, etc.).

Reservoir Engineering involves assessing oil and gas deposits. Reservoir engineers firstly estimate the size of a reservoir, then determine how much oil and gas reserves are in the reservoir and finally work out how to maximize the economic return from extracting them. The ultimate responsibility of the reservoir engineer is to maximise the output of the reservoir without causing overproduction. Overproduction implies producing more than storage, transport, processing and selling capacity at any given time. This generally leads to wasted resources and shortens the lifespan of the reservoir.' ...continue reading "Study Petroleum Engineering in Russia. Degree profiles"

Council for Foreign Education in Russia welcomes foreign students to study in Russia

Only for foreign students who have scored more than 85% in their previous Bachelor or Master degrees, we can offer 100% scholarships on a first come first serve basis.  Scholarships cover only tuition fees. Please apply 

Deadline: July 8 for 100% scholarships; August 8 for 25% to 75% scholarships; please write us on or to confirm the deadlines for your chosen specializations. Please mention medium of instruction. If not mentioned specifically, by default will be accepted as Russian medium

Russian medium will require a prior 1 year study period of Russian language in Russia. Please write us so that we can admit you for the autumn semester starting September 1st.

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