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Scholarships to study in Russia 2018/2019

Council for Foreign Education in Russia welcomes foreign students to study in Russia

Only for foreign students who have scored more than 85% in their previous Bachelor or Master degrees, we can offer 100% scholarships on a first come first serve basis.  Scholarships cover only tuition fees. Please apply 

Deadline: July 8 for 100% scholarships; August 8 for 25% to 75% scholarships; please write us on or to confirm the deadlines for your chosen specializations. Please mention medium of instruction. If not mentioned specifically, by default will be accepted as Russian medium

Russian medium will require a prior 1 year study period of Russian language in Russia. Please write us so that we can admit you for the autumn semester starting September 1st.

English medium (Bachelors)

  1. Russian Studies
  2. English Language and Literature
  3. International Management
  4. Applied, Computer and Computational Linguistics
  5. Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics
  6. Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures
  7. Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication
  8. Painting (Specialist - Bachelor  + Masters = 5 years)
  9. Bachelor of Public Administration
  10. Bachelor of Management
    Areas of concentrations:
    - International Management
    - Marketing
    - Financial Management
    - Information Management
    - Human Resource Management
    - Logistics

English medium (Masters)

  1. Applied and Interdisciplinary History: Usable Pasts
  2. Applied Social Psychology
  3. Big Data Systems
  4. Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition
  5. Comparative Politics of Eurasia
  6. Comparative Social Research
  7. Data Science
  8. Finance
  9. Financial Economics
  10. Governance of Science, Technology, and Innovation
  11. Linguistic Theory and Language Description
  12. Management and Analytics for Business
  13. Mathematics
  14. Political Analysis and Public Policy
  15. Politics. Economics. Philosophy
  16. Population and Development
  17. Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia
  18. Statistical Learning Theory
  19. Strategic Corporate Finance
  20. System and Software Engineering
  21. Game Theory and Operations Research
  22. International Trading System
  23. Master in Corporate Finance (MCF)
  24. Master in Management - MIM
  25. Master in Public Management – MPM
  26. Master in Business Analytics and Big Data - MiBA
  27. International Relations
  28. Journalism
  29. Political Governance and Public Policy
  30. Strategic and Arms Control Studies
  31. Foreign Languages in Bilingual Cultural Space (French and English)
  32. Innovative Technologies in Translation: French/ Spanish/Italian (in French/ Spanish/Italian)
  33. Intercultural Communication: German-Russian Dialogue (in German)
  34. Russian Culture
  35. Simultaneous Translation
  36. Simultaneous Translation (German)
  37. Cold Regions Environmental Landscapes Integrated Science (CORELIS)
  38. Condensed Matter Physics at MEGA-Science Facilities
  39. International Sociology
  40. Languages and Cultures of Africa
  41. Russian Culture

Russian medium (Specialist - Bachelor  + Masters = 5 years)

  1. Fundamental Mathematics
  2. Fundamental Mechanics
  3. Dental Medicine
  4. General Medicine
  5. Clinical Psychology
  6. Employment Psychology
  7. Film and TV Designer

Russian medium (Bachelors)

  1. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  2. Applied Mathematics, Fundamental Informatics and Programming
  3. Applied Physics and Mathematics
  4. Electromagnetic and Acoustic Process
  5. Engineering-oriented Physics
  6. Mathematics
  7. Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  8. Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling
  9. Physics
  10. Programming and Information Technology
  11. Software and Administration of Information Systems
  12. Systems Analysis and Applied Computer Technologies
  13. Software Engineering
  14. Cartography and Geoinformatics
  15. Chemistry
  16. Chemistry, Physics and Material Mechanics
  17. Ecology and Nature Management
  18. Geography
  19. Geology
  20. Hydrometeorology
  21. Petroleum Engineering
  22. Real Property Cadastre: Assessment and Information Support
  23. Soil Science
  24. Economic and Mathematical Methods
  25. Economics
  26. Economics (with advanced study of the Economy of China and the Chinese language)
  27. International Management
  28. Management
  29. Personnel Management
  30. Public Administration
  31. Advertising and Public Relations
  32. Asian and African Studies
  33. Conflictology
  34. International Journalism
  35. International Relations
  36. Journalism
  37. Law
  38. Laws (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language and the Law of the PRC)
  39. Law (with advanced study of the Japanese language and the law of Japan)
  40. Organisation of Tourist Activities (with Advanced Study of the Chinese Language)
  41. Political Science
  42. Psychology
  43. Russian Studies
  44. Social Work
  45. Sociology
  46. Tourism
  47. Classical Philology (Old Greek and Latin; Ancient Literature)
  48. Cultural Studies
  49. English Language and Literature
  50. Foreign Languages
  51. Foreign Literature, Foreign Languages
  52. General and Applied Phonetics
  53. History
  54. History of Arts
  55. Languages of the Bible
  56. Philosophy
  57. Religious Studies
  58. Russian as a Foreign Language
  59. Russian Philology (Russian Language and Literature)
  60. Translation Theory and Cross-Linguistic Communication
  61. Applied Informatics in Arts and Humanities
  62. Environmental Design
  63. Graphic Design
  64. Liberal Arts and Sciences
  65. Museology and Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites
  66. Restoration
  67. Vocal Art

Russian medium (Masters)

  1. Applied Informatics
  2. Applied Informatics Technologies, Information Expert Systems
  3. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
  4. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Problems of Digital Control
  5. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Problems of Medical Diagnosis
  6. Applied Physics and Mathematics
  7. Business Information Analysis
  8. Computational Technologies
  9. Database Technology
  10. Digital Economy
  11. Digital Technologies and Systems
  12. Information and Nuclear Technology
  13. Mathematical and Information Technologies
  14. Mathematical and Information Support of Economic Activity
  15. Mathematical Modeling in Problems of Natural Science
  16. Mathematics (Analytical and Computer Modeling)
  17. Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling
  18. Methods of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Control Problems
  19. Nuclear Physics and Technologies
  20. Operations Research and System Analysis
  21. Physics
  22. Reliability and Safety in Complex Systems
  23. Software and Administration of Information Systems
  24. Software Engineering
  25. Systems Analysis and Information Expert Systems
  26. Bioinformatics
  27. Biology
  28. Chemistry
  29. Ecology. Biodiversity and Nature Protection
  30. Environmental Management
  31. Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
  32. Geoecological Monitoring and Rational Use of Natural Resources
  33. Geographical Information Mapping
  34. Geology
  35. Geological Support for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Development
  36. Hydrosphere and Atmosphere: Modelling and Forecast
  37. Molecular Biology and Agrobiotechnology of Plants
  38. Petroleum Engineering
  39. Social Geography
  40. Soil Science
  41. Structure, Dynamics and Protection of Landscapes
  42. Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  43. Actuarial Modelling of Financial Operations Applied Macroeconomics, Economic Policy and State Regulation
  44. Business Administration in Digital Economy
  45. Business Economics
  46. Economics and Enterprise Management
  47. Financial Management
  48. Financial Markets and Banks
  49. Institutional Analysis of Modern Markets
  50. Management by Real Estate Objects and Development of Territories
  51. Mathematical Methods to Economics
  52. Organisations Development Management
  53. Risk Management and Insurance
  54. Russian and CIS Business in Global Economy
  55. Tourist Destination Management
  56. Urban Property and Territory Development
  57. World Economy
  58. Advertising and Public Relations
  59. American Studies
  60. Asian and African Studies
  61. Baltic and Nordic Studies
  62. BRICS Studies
  63. Business Law
  64. Civil Law, Family Law
  65. Civil Procedure, Arbitration Procedure
  66. Cognitive Studies
  67. Conflict Analysis and Management
  68. Contemporary China: Economics, Politics, Society
  69. Criminal Law
  70. Developmental Psychology
  71. Diplomacy of the Russian Federation and Foreign States
  72. Educational Psychology
  73. Ethnopolitical Processes in Contemporary Russia and World
  74. European Studies
  75. General and Cognitive Psychology
  76. Human Resource Management
  77. International Humanitarian Cooperation
  78. International Law
  79. International Relations in the Post-Soviet Space
  80. International Trade and Customs Lawyer
  81. Islamic Studies
  82. Journalism
  83. Legal Protection of Economic Competition
  84. Legal Protection of the Subjective Public Rights
  85. Legal Regulation of Natural Resource Use
  86. Lawyer in the Field of Corporate Labour and Social Relations Management
  87. Lawyer in the Field of Criminal Proceedings
  88. Lawyer in the Field of Financial Market (Finance Lawyer)
  89. Media Communications
  90. Medical Law
  91. Mental Health
  92. Organisational Psychology and Psychology of Management
  93. Pacific Studies
  94. Personality Psychology
  95. Political Conflictology
  96. Political Science
  97. Professional Speech Activity in Mass Media
  98. Public Relations as Part of International Relations
  99. Russian Region Studies
  100. Russian Sinology Traditions and Chinese Classical Culture
  101. Social Psychology and Political Psychology
  102. Social Work
  103. Sociology
  104. Sociology in Russia and China
  105. Tax Law
  106. Theory and History of Law and State, History of Legal Doctrines
  107. Theory of International Relations and Foreign Police Analysis
  108. Tourist Destination of Russia
  109. World Politics
  110. Genius: Teacher for Gifted Students
  111. Applied and Experimental Linguistics
  112. Applied Ethics
  113. General and Applied Phonetics
  114. Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology
  115. Cultural Linguistics of Great Britain and the USA
  116. Ethnological Assessment
  117. Foreign Languages
  118. Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication in Business and Management
  119. Foreign Languages in International Relations Sphere
  120. Foreign Languages in Teaching and Communication Practice
  121. Foreign Literatures and Cultures
  122. Germany and Eastern Europe in the Context of Cross-language and Cross-cultural Interaction
  123. History
  124. History and Culture of St Petersburg and Leningrad Region
  125. History and Theory of Nations and Issues of Nationalism
  126. Law and Politics in Contemporary Philosophical Discourse
  127. Legal Linguistics
  128. Legal Translation
  129. Linguistics of the English-language Sociopolitical Discourse
  130. Linguistic Fundamentals of Editing and Criticism
  131. Literary Translation
  132. Logical Tools of Information Processing: From the Analysis of Discourse to Digital Economy
  133. Technologies
  134. Media Discourse in International Communications: Linguistic, Cultural and Professional
  135. Competences
  136. Mediation
  137. Modern Civilisations of the East: Worldviews and Socio-Cultural Dynamics
  138. Patterns of Man in Modern Philosophy and Science
  139. Philosophical Practices: Antiquity and Modernity
  140. Religious Studies
  141. Russian
  142. Russian Language and Russian Culture in the Aspect of Teaching Russian as Foreign Language
  143. Russian Literature
  144. Slavonic Studies
  145. Teaching Foreign Languages for Academic and Specific Purposes in Higher Education
  146. Language Testing
  147. The Origin of the Modern Western Civilisation
  148. Theory and History of Language and European Languages
  149. Theory and Practice of Verbal Communication: German
  150. Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication
  151. Theory, History and Methodology of Translation
  152. Translator in the Field of Sciences
  153. Translation Theory and Practice (Bulgarian and Russian)
  154. Archetypes of Russian Culture: Tradition and Modern
  155. Art Criticism
  156. Art Studies (History of Arts)
  157. Arts and Humanities
  158. Arts and Humanities
  159. Culture and Аrt in Hungary
  160. Culture and Art in Italy
  161. Culture of Jews in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
  162. Curatorial Research
  163. Environmental Design
  164. Graphic Design
  165. Intercultural Education
  166. Management of Museum Collections
  167. Music Criticism
  168. Restoration of Fine and Applied Art Objects
  169. Supervisory Control at Museums

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